Published On: Fri, Feb 3rd, 2017

Risk factors involved in delivery of the baby

Having a baby is the most exciting part of life for any women. However, the scariest part is the delivery of the baby. All most all women are scared during their pregnancy because of the amount of pain that would occur during the delivery. The labour pains, forceps and potential complications are some of the reasons why women opt for caesarean. That is the reason many women today proactively talk about C-Sections. The pain during the delivery is zero and whatever little pain is because of the stitches is not extreme.

If you have even been part of child’s birth, you would know about the complications that might occur. According to the traditional way, the baby is delivered via vagina. If there are no complications during the delivery, the baby is easily pulled by the head and taken out. However, if the mother is unable to push or tired pushing, then the doctors may use vacuum cup baby delivery method. In this method, a soft suction cup is attached on the baby’s head and with the help of suction power, the baby is pulled out.

Reasons for Vacuum cup delivery

There could be various reasons as to why doctors would use this method. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Mother tired of pushing
  • Baby showing signs of distress and doctors can’t wait for the labour pains
  • Mother not able to push due to medical risks
  • Baby’s head in not in the correct position of birth

Though it might sound an easy way but requires a lot of experience and precision. The doctors in order to perform vacuum delivery needs to consider if the baby is close enough to be born, the position of baby is low. In case if the baby is not flowing downwards or his/her head is too high, then doctors would prefer doing a C-Section rather than performing this method.

Side effects of Vacuum delivery

There are various risks attached to vacuum delivery. Here are some top of the list risks that might occur during the delivery:-

  • Baby may develop a small bump on the head where the suction cup was attached. Though the bump does not cause any discomfort and even settle down in 48 to 72 hours, still it might scare the parents for sometime
  • The suction cup may also cause bleeding under the scalp which would not cause any immediate problems and go away with time, yet the life of the baby is at risk
  • Bleeding inside the skull is a big reason to worry because it can cause subgaleal haemorrhage. Though the condition is very rare, but is life threatening.

Not only babies but mothers can also get affected by this method:-

  • High probability of infection
  • Incorrect placing of cup can cause damage to vagina and cervix
  • Mothers can experience pelvic joint pains even weeks after the delivery.

Hence the suction cup baby delivery should only be performed by an experienced and skilled practitioner. In case if the gynaecologist during the delivery feels that the method is not helping enough, then it should be stopped immediately and a C-Section should be performed.

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