Published On: Mon, Mar 20th, 2017

How To Manage Projects With The Best Project Management Tools

After you are convinced that you need the an online system to manage and execute the projects that are currently in your disposal, your next big problem is to select the right online project management tools from amongst the hundreds of products that are available. It is needless to say that every such software has pros and cons of its own, and no single software can take care of every aspect of the project management in the same way. So, what you need is to balance all the features and find out the one that best answers all your project management requirements. There are over – the – counter generic solutions that may not provide you solutions for all your management needs. Software has to be customised to meet the requirements which are specific to a certain project.

You must remember that the online project management tools are meant to reduce your work pressure and is supposed to make your life easier and the execution of the project simpler. There are a number of basic tasks that must be performed by the project management system to be effective in solving the problems of execution of any project.

Project Management

What The Basic Project Management Tools You Need For Your Organisation

  • You can use a calendar or schedule of work – flow, built up and maintained for each project by the project management tools. Such calendars to organise jobs, comes with each and every such tool. You will find this common tool even in the free – to – download project organization software. The calendar must have options of creating events, set up appointments, call meetings, announce notifications, keep track of all changes, communicate with the calendar that you share with the rest of the team members.
  • The time tracking is one of the most vital jobs done by the project management software. It is important as it tells you the total number of hours that you have put in the project, and if the client in charged on an hourly rate, then the total bill amount is also prepared at the end of the project, i.e. project completion. If you are managing multiple projects and have team members who are also working on all the projects, then the software has to keep track of the hours put in by the staff on each project.
  • The best project management software should also be capable of tracking the progress made by each team – member. The collective progress of all the individuals working on the project will give an idea whether the project is advancing on schedule. When all the managers and staff have a clear idea about the pending work and the time left, then schedules and plans can be drawn up anew to accommodate any change introduced, so that the project is completed in right time.

There are several other essential features that must be there in the project management tools, like file management system, data management system and so on, that would make the software just right to enable you to run the show without any glitches and without having to face too much trouble.

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