Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

Bajaj Pulsar- Best For Youngsters

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Nowadays, Bajaj Pulsar is the most popular and the best selling sport bike in India, varying from one thirty-five to two twenty cc. They have always been best performing motorcycles against their competition in the respective segments. The motorcycles have been manufactured by the product engineering division of Bajaj auto in association with the Tokyo. The successive motorcycles in this Bajaj Pulsar series includes with engine capacities of one thirty-five cc, one-fifty cc, one-eighty cc, two hundred cc, and two twenty cc. In the recent times, the Pulsar series has received non-stop upgrades that definitely achieve the attention of million bikers in the country. These Pulsar series is the most successful of all series of bikes and the best performers in India. The Pulsar brand has grabbed many awards until now. The new Bajaj pulsar one-fifty NS will be powered by an excellent performance, four valve, SOHC liquid cooled engine with the triple spark ignition technology that will offer the displacement very close to the one fifty cc.

            The new model from Bajaj pulsar has come as a surprise to a lot of new improved features. The Pulsar one fifty NS comes with a convenient single seat without split type seat, single piece grab rail, full chain case etc. The bike also features a disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear that helps to stop the vehicle immediately even in case of emergency braking. Smooth ride on the streets is definitely ensured with such features and adding up to this the Pulsar one fifty NS will be available with a smaller tires for minimizing the road grimness while moving at a high level of speed.  The Bajaj Auto will also provide the bike with rear disc brake that is something new to be seen. The Bajaj Pulsar one fifty NS is fitted with a self start type to make you free from starting trouble. It is also claimed by Bajaj that DTS-I engine on this bike would provide better performance in terms of power, torque, speed and acceleration.

            Apart from braking mechanism, the Bajaj Pulsar one fifty NS handling is also easy and smooth with area mono-shock suspension mechanism. There is an enlarged unit design on mudguard that looks too big and sporty. The price of the pulsar one fifty NS is expected in the range of seventy to seventy five thousand k that will be quite affordable. The company feels that the new launches of one fifty to two hundred cc bike will sustain its number one position very stronger. To enhance the looks, the Bajaj Pulsar one fifty NS will be incorporated with the radiator cowls for cooling fins. It renders a mileage of 48.4 kilometers per hour while the Bajaj pulsar one eighty DTS-I and the Bajaj pulsar two-hundred DTS-I provide forty- five kilometers per hour and 38.3 kilometers per hour respectively. The Bajaj Pulsar claims to deliver a top speed of about one-thirty kilometer per hour.

            The bike will provide premium braking system and fuel tank capacity of fifteen liter. The Bajaj built their products with sophisticated technologies that ensure a balance between torque and power. This motorcycle has amazing looks, smooth handling, efficient braking, good stability and comfortable seating. While the one fifty cc and one eighty cc have been loaded with an air-cooled, single cylinder, four stroke and DTS-I engine. The Bajaj Pulsar series of motorcycles are the most successful series in the market. It is the best performing bike series in India that ensure the total customer satisfaction with its premium technologies. All bikes in this series ensure stunning looks and performance for pretty much affordable prices.

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